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Photography Portfolio

Explore sunken stories with me! I take you on a photo journey to hidden shipwrecks. Weʼll capture the mystery of underwater history together. Itʼs not just a dive; itʼs a trip back in time. Perfect for sea lovers and history buffs!

Social Media

Dive into a world of color with our Marine Magic sessions. Iʼll guide you through vivid clear waters while swimming with manatees, schools of dazzling fish and sharks on sunken WWII Shipwrecks. Every shot tells a story of life beneath the waves. Ideal for ocean enthusiasts and nature lovers!

Presentations and Events

Capture lifeʼs lively moments with Event Snapshots! From local festivals to bustling streets, I frame the energy and spirit. I am also available for public speaking to share my stories on our sunken treasures.

Get Snapping!

Ready for adventure? Letʼs make waves together. Reach out now!